Affordable and Elegant Islamic Clothing at Syeed's Boutique

Have you ever found yourself searching for Islamic clothing in the USA, only to be disappointed by the high prices and low quality? We've been there too, and that's why we started Syeed's Boutique. Our journey began with a simple desire – to offer affordable, high-quality Islamic clothing that caters to the needs of Muslims in the USA. We believe everyone should have access to clothing that is not only budget-friendly but also sustainable in quality.

Affordable Prayer Hijab:

While our collection is still growing, we've ensured to cover the essential needs of Muslim women. Our soft jersey hijabs are designed to offer long drapes and full coverage, making them ideal for everyday instant hijabs. We believe that modesty should be convenient and comfortable.

Full Embrace Hijab:

Introducing our full embrace collection, featuring soft jersey cotton long shaylas. These jersey hijabs are not only soft and breathable but also versatile enough to complement any modest outfit. We understand the importance of the hijab in Islamic tradition, and our collection reflects that commitment.


Sustainable Modal Hijab:

For those looking for a sustainable choice, our modal hijabs are made from eco-friendly bamboo fibers, which have a minimal impact on global warming. These hijabs not only contribute positively to the environment but also offer a soft and elegant headscarf option for Muslim women.

Chiffon Niqab:

Our chiffon niqabs are perfect for indoor, evening, or travel environments. While the fabric is slightly see-through in vivid daylight, it maintains your privacy and tradition. We've chosen soft chiffon for this collection to ensure a hassle-free and comfortable experience for family gatherings and private moments.

Long Niqab:

Our long niqabs are your trustful companion for any setting. Whether you're in a crowded place, picking up your kids from school, or attending Islamic family gatherings, our fully non-see-through fabric and long drape provide complete frontal coverage, ensuring your privacy is respected.


Discover the beauty of modesty with our three-layered khimars, providing head-to-below-waist full coverage. These heavy chiffon khimars ensure your privacy is not compromised, unlike see-through options that do not align with Islamic tradition.


Versatile Abayas:

We understand the need for versatile abayas that offer a hassle-free experience whether you're at home, work, traveling, or outdoors. Our crepe abayas are designed for comfort and freedom of movement, and they can be worn as standalone pieces or as inner dresses when paired with open abayas.

Elegant Satin Abayas:

Our satin abayas offer an elegant choice at an affordable price. Designed with wudu-friendly bell sleeves, pockets, and an easy-to-wear round neck design, they prioritize your comfort and practicality.

Sage Embroidered Abaya:

Express your wisdom with our sage embroidered abaya. Featuring beautiful floral embroidery, it's the perfect choice for get-togethers and evening parties, combining elegance with tradition.

Versatile Jilbab:

Our jilbab is a versatile choice for many occasions. It serves as an ideal prayer cloth, allowing you to get ready in a minute when it's prayer time. The flowy elegance of the design provides a cute look while offering a modest outfit for both indoor and outdoor settings.



At Syeeds Boutique, we are dedicated to providing affordable, high-quality Islamic clothing that aligns with tradition and meets the needs of Muslim men and women in the USA. We believe that modesty and elegance should go hand in hand, and our collection reflects that belief. Visit our website to explore our range and embrace modesty with style and grace.

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